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  1. vjewels
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    I'm trying to incorporate as many models into a single order as possible to save on processing costs. I've had them individually printed or in sets in the past, but prices on new pieces have in effect doubled. My old models were saved at .01mm tolerance in stl, but it produces too large of a file, so had to lower the tolerance to .9mm. how can i determine what the effect will be on my models? I don't want to pay for expedited processing and I certainly don't want to have a very large file made if the parts will be no good.

  2. stonysmith
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    Inside the file, are the parts separate from each other, or are you connecting them with sprues?
    The new pricing algorithm has a minimum cost for each PART so if you put five loose items in your file, you'll have five times the minimum cost. The parts have to be connected to each other.
  3. vjewels
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    The parts are all connected by sprues. I’ve already uploaded the model, my main concern is how the machine will handle the coarser tolerances. Does the printer make the same number of passes through the design? If so it may not be too much if a difference in appearance.
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    I was satisfied with the pricing. It keeps the total cost closer to the old pricing. In the versatile plastic colors the pricing is even better. I’m just concerned that the surface texture or shape will be dramatically different from the others.