STL files with multiple bodies

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  1. Sapient8
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    I have a question on printing to-be-assembled models with multiple parts. I see some items in the gallery are made of multiple parts that are purposely separate during the printing process...if I have a completed assembly of parts that must be printed individually like this, how exactly should I arrange parts in 3d space before I save the STL file?

    Here's an example, like how the creator arranged the parts in a grid for the STL file (errr I assume that's what happened here)

    I'll put it another way, when I order a batch of parts to be printed using an STL file with individual items, will the machine operator simply take the files and rearrange the individual items to their own liking? I assume so but hey what do I know :)

    Is there a minimum gap distance between the items that I should observe?
  2. Designmodeller1
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    It is my understanding that the operator will use computer software to re-arrange all components individually for printing.

    You should probably separate the parts into separate .stl files then request them all to be printed at once. Then operator will arrange them for printing on the plate however is needed.