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  1. Magic
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    I'd like the Stitch Bracelet to be featured for Valentine day. It can make a lovely gift.

    I designed this bracelet after creating the Scoubidou (same structure as a classical scoubidou = lanyard: I was a fan when I was younger) that is one-dimensional and then the Stitch Fabric, a two dimensional version of the same pattern.

    The Stitch Bracelet is basically the Stitch Fabric wrapped onto a cylinder.

    The inexpected property of this bracelet is that it can be turned inside out, changing its size and shape. Don't miss this video.

    By the way, it exists in 3 sizes (measure the fist circumference, not the wrist):
    - Small (15.3 cm of internal circumference)
    - Medium (17.6 cm of internal circumference)
    - Large (20.0 cm of internal circumference)

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  2. DarioScapittaDesign
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    Cool and lovely! I think is also very confortable and wearable. Nice design.

    Ciao :)

  3. Magic
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    Thanks Dario!