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    The Stitch Bracelet is more or less the Stitch Fabric that has been rolled to make a bracelet. It is a little bit less wide though.
    The internal circumference is 15.3 cm. Although it is a little bit extensible, it is more suitable for girls with small wrists (and most of all small hands, because your hand has to pass through the bracelet).
    If there is an interest, I will do a larger version (17.6 cm should fit most of the women I guess).
    As usual, some pictures:

    It can make also an elegant napkin ring: using the different colors available, you can differentiate them for each family member.

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  2. Ever since I heard of 3d printing, I've been wondering when someone would use it for knitting. I've been too lazy to make something like this myself, but it's cool to know it's possible!
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    I received a new version of the stitch bracelet, that is larger : the internal circumference is 17.6 cm.
    In this picture, it is in Winter Blue Strong and Flexible and has been coated with an acrylic varnish.
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    New pictures added, featuring the hand of the girl I offered the bracelet to (many thanks to her).



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    New picture in medium size:

    and a Youtube video.

    Now the Stitch Bracelet is available in 3 different sizes:
    - Small (15.3 cm of internal circumference): Stitch Bracelet - S
    - Medium (17.6 cm of internal circumference): Stitch Bracelet - M
    - Large (20.0 cm of internal circumference): Stitch Bracelet - L

    Note that you need to measure the circumference of your fist, not your wrest (if you want to put your hand inside :)).