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  1. Hi all, I am new to 3D modeling, but I have a good bit of experience in 2D, working with Photoshop and Illustrator. My question is this: is there an easy (automated?) way to take a line drawing, and from it create a stencil using a program like Blender, and then fabricate it on Shapeways? The thought came to me as I was working on a drawing destined for silkscreening, but the image is quite detailed and would take a long time to cut by hand. Anything to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Silkscreening... I want to see pictures of this if it turns out!

    Sounds like the process isn't much different than this tutorial here. I don't have any line art on hand to test it, but since you're using Adobe Illustrator, you want to save your line art as a .SVG file. It appears Blender can then import the SVG file as a path, and from there, you'd just extrude it. Blender's not my thing, though, so I don't know if there's anything extra to know about the extrusion process.

    I know of a way to do it in ZBrush if you want to post the file- import a PSD file as an alpha, extrude the alpha from a high-resolution 3D Plane, export as OBJ- but you or someone else would need to tweak the file to get it as thin as you need it, as ZBrush doesn't handle real-world measurements as easily as other programs.

    You might have some issues with keeping all of your lineart detail with out overdoing your polygon count... But that part's difficult to judge until you get there.
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    As an alternative to cutting your screen, you might try something like EZ ScreenPrint which offers light sensitive screens. I haven't used them yet, but they look pretty good.

  4. Thanks so much for both of the responses!!! I'm still fumbling my way through Blender, but I did do what you said and I imported an SVG file I made in illustrator, and that worked brilliantly. I just had to import the image into illustrator, did a live trace and exported it as SVG. I'll definitely post the results when It's done. Again thanks for the direction. Oh and those light-sensitive sheets for silk screening look great. A little expensive, but I'll have to try it some time! Attached is the 2d sketch I'm working with. It's based on a photo from Dali split into three layers for printing (my profile picture). I'm hoping that I can make it so i can break away each layer after it is fabricated so I can print them separately.

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