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  1. IrishPub
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    Is there any way I can let shapeways know that I do not want a product polished when it is printed in steel?

    I recently ordered a product in steel, but it was cancelled because some pieces would break off during polishing.

    I'm unsure of how much larger it needs to be from what it is now to make it so it is able to withstand the polishing process. If it's possible to bypass the polish, it would save the model. Or, at least I think it would.

    The pieces that would break off are the teeth, and I am unsure if I need to make the model larger or remove some of the teeth.

    Here is a link to a model version that is slightly larger than the one I tried to purchase, but at a higher price than I would have liked. 702e22458b

    I guess what I am asking is; will the teeth survive at this larger size, and if not, can I just get it with the model unpolished?

    Thank you for reading and any insight you can give.
  2. stop4stuff
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    You need to make your model public (Model Page -> Edit Product -> Display to Public -> Update) for people to view it.

    I don't know if you can request a non-polished stainless model, but send an email to to be sure.

  3. IrishPub
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    Oh, thanks for letting me know. Forgot to change that one. I fixed it so it should be viewable now.

    Yeah, I will send them a message.
    No harm in asking, right?

    Thank you for the response.
  4. stop4stuff
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    The teeth would be stronger if you can blend them into the mouth and/or bunch them up together a bit so that they overlap slightly at the root.

  5. IrishPub
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    Yeah, I guess that's something I need to do. Was thinking about it, but just hoping I didn't have to sacrifice the detail.
    I guess I need to make it work somehow.

    Thank you again for the help and input.
    Very much appreciated.
  6. GlenG
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    It's not just the teeth. The points on the wolfs ruff and ears will be worn down (rounded off) during the barrel finishing. It would be better to hand finish this design. Not sure if you can order it that way or not.