Steel charity relay baton

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    (tried to insert an image but I can't resize and it's huge - please see the attachment for a picture)

    I designed this as a relay baton for a group of young graduates in my company who undertook a charity relay (in aid of the Great Western Air Ambulance) through a lot of aerospace sites in the UK as part of the BAC100 celebrations (100 years of aerospace on Bristol)

    It's antique bronze finish steel featuring outline models of some famous aircraft linked with Bristol and should be auctioned soon - we hope it will raise a good amount of money.

    I was really pleased with the finish and, having had a white strong and flexible prototype made I was also gratified by the 'heft' of the steel model - I know steel should be heavy but it did make it feel very nice.

    Thanks also go to Shapeways for great efforts to meet a deadline I'd shaved a little close...

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    Thast pretty awesome, not just the model, but the fundraising too.

    When and where will it be auctioned?
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    Unfortunately I don't know where it will be used in detail - I'm not organising the event, I just did the model. Normally I'd just go ask but I'm not in the office for a few days...

    The Nylon version (visible at the bottom of this page) was actually used in the relay.

    I think that there's to be a charity dinner at which the metal baton (plus a stand which will have signatures of various aerospace luminaries collected during the relay on it) will be auctioned or raffled.

    However I do know that, if it goes well and there is a lot of interest, there's a plan to make copies of it available to the public and I'm sure it will be promoted as widely as the organisers can manage so I'll put the details here for sure...