Steampunk submarine

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    I created this steampunk-styled submarine in Blender and had it printed by Shapeways in full color sandstone. This is the first product that I've made public in my Shapeways store: tml

    I've been getting into the steampunk genre recently and I was inspired to create my own design. I'm working on some other designs that will also be steampunk-styled. If you have Netflix watch "Last Exile" which is a very good introduction to the style of the genre.

    This photo is of the second print I made since I messed up the coloring for the first print which made some of the parts white. I'm still learning to use Blender, but I got it right the second time. I'm particularly impressed with how well the propeller came out; I was very worried the weird angles wouldn't print well. I also like the grain from the sandstone; it gives the model a nice texture.