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  1. PlainOrb
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    Hi, I can't find my last topic regarding image display, so I got this new topic.

    Here is an example of static image display: Style/3544895

    and here is how the same images are dynamically displayed on shapeways: e.html

    You may compare the two display means and see that dynamic display shows an obvious overcompression on images.
    I used to be an amateur graphic designer and would suggest using static image display for better image quality.
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  2. stonysmith
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    Sorry... I'm still not comprehending what you are suggesting. Most of those images seem to me to be equal in quality/resolution.
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I notice the shapeways image is not as crisp. Especially if you look at the leaf itself (open both and switch back and forth) Maybe this is done for load speed? I don't know graphics or coding so I have no idea.
  4. BillBedford
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    Yep, one picture is ten times the size of the other. And if you work out how many photos Shapeways hosts you may get an inkling of how much more bandwidth higher definition images would cost them.

  5. PlainOrb
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    You may open both links, compare the image with keyboard and compare the words on the keyboard. Keyboard words are clear on and blur on
    You may learn more about image over compression at ml
    Shapeways display images in dynamic means, which usually require Adobe Flash Player for viewing.
    Behance display images in static means, which simply list all images one after another and do not require Adobe Flash Player for viewing.

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