Starship Uss Saratoga

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    Under a request to make a 1/1000 version of this ship, this is my best achievement so far, as all you can see in these renders has been done in just a day. Having decided to completely rebuild the model as this was the eighth model I've ever made (almost two years ago), this is just a WIP showing the work I've done so far; it will be completed in the next few days. I plan to make a 1/1000, 1/1400 and 1/2500 scale kits.

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  2. CapHerlock
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    The Saratoga has been finished. Now I will cut it and release the models within a week, this is how the final model will look like once assembled.
    Saratoga.jpg Saratoga1.jpg Saratoga2.jpg Saratoga3.jpg
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    Nice work on the model. Didn't realize they revamped it for "Star Trek - Online". Think I prefer the weapons pod over the top like Reliant though. Are those supposed to be phaser canons or something else?
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    This was actually featured in DS9 Ep,1: Emissary, it was one of the ships destroyed at Wolf 359. And yes those are phaser cannons. this was very probably a one-off ship modified to have heavier armament instead of the rollbar.
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    Interesting. I have watched DS9 numerous times. I must have missed that detail.
  6. CapHerlock
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    Here are some of the very few images we've got of it from the show itself.

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  7. coelian276
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    These are not phasers or any other weapons. We never saw this ship firing from there. The production staff allways reffered to them as sensors. This is also the case with the "turrets" on the Sojuz Class. Just because they look like Battleship gunturrets everyone thinks they are weapons. It's much more plausible, that the peace and exploration oriented Federation is building ships with upgraded sensor equippment instead of an overpowered "Gunship". They are not the Klingons.
  8. CapHerlock
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    I knew about the Soyuz sensor pods, I never thought these were as well. Now that I've checked it out I should correct the products' titles.
  9. coelian276
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    Glad i could help ;)

    In fact, there are a few blueprints arround which says they are wepons, but there is no canon evidence to support that. You can see it in the screenshots you posted. If these would be more powerfull weapons, then why is the ship only firing just with the "weak" standard phasers at the Borg Cube?

    I personally think, that these sensor pods are the reason we don't see any Sojuz Class ships arround anymore. They managed to put all that sensor "power" into two pods that can be attached to a standard Miranda Class hull without the need for the massive add-ons the Sojuz had. Between the USS Bozeman (Sojuz Class) and this USS Saratoga are almost 100 years. Let's say 50 if we assume the Saratoga was still around for some time since the Battle of Wolf 359. During such a time periode, technology tend to become much smaller and/or more capable.
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    True, also the fact that technology progresses in time, maybe the Soyuz was just obsoleted by new arrays - also interesting is the fact that they've kept the basic frame (Miranda class) and built different variants around it. Adding those on the sides would also mean lowering the target profile omitting the vulnerable rollbar of the standard Miranda, although that comes at quite a tactical disadvantage: the ship has now been deprived of 4 torpedo tubes and its entire armament now consist virtually only of phasers.

    Why wouldn't have they fired those if they were actual weapons? For the same reason no one fired any torpedo in those battle shots (mainly to keep low production costs). That aside, I love the silouhette of this ship, I wished we would've seen more of it or any other Miranda such modified (even though a scientific variant if you want, I hate to think Starfleet built a one-off exploration ship, even the Soyuz class couldn't have just been one vessel), whether or not those were actual weapons. I think it makes the look of the ship more balanced that the odd 'handle' on the saucer top.

    P.S. Soyuz is written with Y. It's a Russian word meaning Union - as many other ships in Trek, named after true warships - the Sovetsky Soyuz class battleships, which in turn owe their name to the USSR. Sorry just had to point that out ;)
  11. coelian276
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    You are right, the ship is named Soyuz Class with an y. This was just lazy me writing in the middle of the night because the russian word Союз (union) is written Sojuz in german (i'm german by the way ;)). In english it is written Soyuz.
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  12. I am pretty obsessed to see that. The USS Saratoga (NCC-1887) was a 23rd century Federation Miranda-class starship operated by Starfleet.
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    There were two Saratoga. One is the ship you mentioned see in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home if I'm correct, the other is a modified Miranda class starship seen in TNG:The Best of Both Worlds and DS9:Emissary, the ship on which Benjamin Sisko served before being assigned to Deep Space Nine.
    This is the second Saratoga.