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  1. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    I like stamps a lot, so I was happy to find out, that there is an easy and cheap way to make stamps by using Shapways and Sugru!
    You probably know Sugru already. If not, it's an air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. It bonds to most materials and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. This is perfect for making stamps.
    I made a negative-stamp-form via Shapeways and pressed it on a thin layer of Sugru.
    Here are some photos of the first attempt. I'm already happy with the result, but I'm sure it can be still optimized. The good thing: you can make as much stamps as you like and you don't need much of the Sugru material, so it's also very cheap! :)



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  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Awesome stuff! I've seen several questions about making stamps with Shapeways recently. Hopefully this will help bridge that gap!
  3. tessman
    tessman New Member
    Sugru looks like a nice material. Did you have to use mold release or something else, or does it come out of the mold easily after curing?
  4. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Hi Tessman.
    Sugru is really nice stuff. If you use liquid soap, it detaches easily!
  5. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    I checked out the site, what's the resulting material feel like? Looks like it would cure into a hard plastic like feel? I see a screw head made for one part on the site.
  6. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Hi Michael,
    Sugru keeps flexible after it's dry. It's like a rubber, only a little stronger.
  7. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    I've added a thread about making stamps with Sugru. Don't know it this is needed cause it's kind of easy but maybe it's helpfull anyway...
    Home » Community » Instructions » Make stamps by using Shapeways and Sugru
  8. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Brilliant idea! :nod:

    I got me some Sugru a few months back and I love it!
    Great for disarming sharp points around the house, adding grips, sealing things etc.
    I expected a more rubbery feel, but plain Sugru actually feels quite plastic-like smooth on the surface, while structurally remaining rubber-like flexible.
    There's all sorts of ways to finish the surface after applying it though, haven't tried that though.
  9. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Hey, your tutorial made it onto Sugru's GALLERY page!

  10. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Hey Glenn,
    I've posted the tutorial on the Sugru page, too.
    I won five packages sugru, a t-shirt and the sexy title "guru of the month". Awesome! ;)
  11. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member

    Awsome stuff!
  12. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Haha, good stuff. Never heard of it until now. I'm going to have to get some. Looks like I can only order it online... but, hey, at least it's not shipped UPS!!