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  1. GuyInLogan
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    I'm having a hard time finding out if this has been resolved, but I haven't seen much more specific guidance on walls and details for stainless steel.

    The materials page says 1 mm for details and 3 mm for walls. 3 mm especially seems a bit large, especially for a ring, which I am creating.

    Another page in the forums says "it depends."

    Is there additional guidance?
  2. stop4stuff
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  3. GuyInLogan
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    Thanks for the links! Should be very helpful.
  4. tessman
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    Stop4stuff, how's the Stepped Die D6 working out for you (in SS)? Do you think it's fair to use it as an example of something that "will not work"?
  5. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Funnily enough, the Stepped D6 & its Step-Twin are both popular sellers without any reported problems.


  6. Touzel2
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    I looked thru the materials and would like to have my project printed in SS but it does not show up as an option. Why not?

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  7. duann
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    Hi Touzel2

    Please email me the url of the part to Duann (at) and I will take a look for you.

    KInd regards
  8. stop4stuff
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    Hi Touzel2,

    Welcome to Shapeways! :)

    I took a look at your file in NetFabb. At 0.06mm thick, the model is too thin for stainless... in fact it's too thin for any of the materials Shapeways offers. What dimensions is your model supposed to have? (I'm seeing L=6.34mm, W=2.43mm & H=0.06mm)


  9. Touzel2
    Touzel2 New Member
    My dimensions are as follows in cm according to my drawing and the shapeways site.

    Dimensions:   16.1 w x 6.2 d x 0.2 h cm
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  10. stop4stuff
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    mmm... hey ho!

    It doesn't really matter the differences between what we are seeing for the dimensions because Shapeways has software checks (MeshMedic) in place that limits the availability of materials if the smallest dimension is less than 2.51mm... stainless is one of those materials.

  11. Tamert
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    Does anyone know the layer thickness used in the stainless steel prints from shapeways?

    From the ProMetal website, it says that the equipment can either lay down 0.002" layers or 0.008" layers. Obviously this would result in dramatically different levels of detail. Has anyone seen any post from shapeway stating how the machine is running?

    This would be similar to the regular/ultra detail frosted materials.
  12. GlenG
    GlenG New Member
    Small SW parts are printed in .004" layers. This is close to the absolute minimum of this process.

  13. jiavano
    jiavano New Member
    Does anyone know if the stianless has any nickle or copper in it? It's important to know cause I'm making a gift for a friend and she's allergic to nickle and copper.
  14. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    Copper: definitely
    Shapeways' stainless steel is bronze infused - and bronze is at least 60% copper

    Nickle: very probably
    Not in the steel (the 400 series does not contain nickle), but the bronze alloy probably contains nickle.
  15. GlenG
    GlenG New Member
    Pfeiffer is correct, no nickel in the stainless component. The bronze infiltant is a tin bronze alloy, I think about 80/20 so it is high in copper, but no nickel. The best way to avoid skin contact is to apply extra heavy coatings of a durable acrylic clear coat. Like a water based polycryllic floor finish. These will wear off over time but they are very durable. People with skin allergies should probably avoid wearing finger rings, earrings or other body studs made from this material. Bracelets and pendants should not be a problem.

  16. jiavano
    jiavano New Member
    Thanks guys, I appreciate the info. It's good to know, guess I'm gonna have to coat the pendant with polycryllic floor finish. I wouldn't wanna the risk of her getting her to swell. Unless if you guys know of any other way of getting pure stainless steel, perhaps cast with no copper or nickel.