Stainless Steel Questions and help needed.

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    I am trying to create a ring that will "snap" into an existing groove that runs around the outside of another ring. I want this smaller ring to hold itself onto the larger ring securely but also want it to be possible for wearer to remove this smaller ring to reveal something on the larger ring fairly easily.

    To do that I need a strong yet flexible metal with memory similar to stainless spring steel. Currently, I am chasing a version of this ring based on a strip of spring steel.

    (Please check out attached image for more specifics before looking at questions)

    My questions to the forum here are:

    1) Does anyone think I could grow the thin, split armed, ring with small "disk" and have it grip onto another ring?
    2) If I were to build this ring from 2 pieces (ring arms made from a strip of SS spring steel and the disk made of a Shapeways grown SS part) could I attach (braze, solder etc) the grown part to the strip of SS spring steel?

    Thanks - Any suggestions are VERY welcome!

    Ps - to limit the amount the arms of small ring need to flex to snap into groove in large ring, I am planning on clipping the small ring into groove from the side as opposed to pushing on from edge. (it's tough describe in words but can send sketch if it will help)

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    One Additional thought.

    I see that the minimum thickness for Stainless Steel parts is 1mm.
    Might I be able to grow arms of ring at 1mm thickness and then machine arms down to a much thinner thickness to get flexibility into arms?