Stainless Steel problem on part I recieved

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    I got a bunch of stuff I ordered today, and everythign was great. but I have one issue on my design here: .html

    I forgot to take a good close up, so this is the best I have. I do have a youTube of it linked below too.

    So the issue is that the little snake piece wrapped around the main bracelet ended up getting fused with the part of the bracelet it's wrapped around. I'll call it the rail. But the reason it fused was because that after printing the powder was removed, and then the little snake fell down on the center "rail" due to gravity. I can see lines where it fused together. But there is much more clearance there than with the tiny little holes that go all around the bracelet. It didn't seem to fuse there. Was this a printing problem, and not supported properly, or do I need to figure out a design solution around this issue? I'm not sure how to support this piece becasuse it's not touching anywhere, and isn't supposed to. :)

    I got it loose but broke one twist of the snake off in the process, and I wrenched on it pretty hard, so potential customers shouldn't be asked to do this. But other than that, you can see in the video it works. I'd like to fix it's design so Stainless can be ordered too. It's pretty cool.

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    I think that he's saying that it didn't fuse in the holes, where I'm surprised it didn't fuse as that looks very close, but it fused on the side, as it fell when the support material was removed, and wasn't set back when put in the kiln.
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    YouKnowWho is exactly right I'm pretty sure. I've taken a bit better pictures with my SLR they are a bit better at showing the fused stripes where the snake fell onto the rail, and also shows how the clearance with the rail is much larger than the one to the holes where I'd have expect the major fusing to be located, and it wasn't. I think it fused a bit, but I disloged it easily there, but not along the rail portion. So I'm pretty sure the snake just fell on the rail during the furnace cycle. I'm not looking for a refund or anything, just how to best fix it. I'd like to leave it, if it was a printing snafu, but if I need to change the model to print SS then I'll do that too.