Stainless Steel -- Polishing optional

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  1. In my other topic, I showed a model (my leaf pendant) that arrived with more polish than I would have liked. I was hoping to polish certain areas myself to bring out the details, but now I can't.


    Would it be possible to get Stainless Steel models with minimal polishing? Maybe just enough to clean them up from the printer, but not enough to really do anything else. The polish works great in certain models, but not so well in others. We can choose to get the gold plated and antique bronze finishes in matte or glossy, and can pay extra to get more of a polish on the new silver, but plain old stainless steel is just "one polish fits all".

    The regular, polished stainless steel wouldn't change, we'd just have another, perhaps slightly less expensive option to polish it completely ourselves.

    What do you think? Good idea? Completely stupid idea? Am I just missing some nuance of the steel printing process and making Mt. Everest out of a molehill?

    EDIT: You know, if you type the word "polish" enough, it stops looking like a word. :p
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    At least for this model, have you located where they attached the sprue for printing? It is possible that the sprue was at this location, so they remove it and polish it flat? I got a print that still has a little round raised area where the sprue was.
  3. The polish looks like that on both the front and back. If I had to guess... ah, I can't tell where the sprue was. It just seems a little over-polished to me. The nice ridges I was counting on being able to bring out by hand have been reduced to the slightest hint of waves. If I try to redefine them the way I want, I'll probably end up filing the model in half. I guess that's what I get for making it so thin.