Stainless steel pendant thickness

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  1. DrywFiltiarn
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    I'm currently working on a pendant, which I would like to have printed in stainless steel, but at the moment I'm running into the fact that for some reason it has to have a thickness of 3mm in order to be printable in stainless steel. It feels to me as being a bit too thick for a pendant, which is about 2x2cm in size, so I would like to get it down to 2mm some way.

    The pendant I'm talking about is this one:

    Which is a fairly stolid piece which I think doesn't really need the 3mm thickness in order to be able to produce. How can I solve this to get it thinner?

    I have already made a testprint of this in alumide, which looked really great, but it was a test only to see how the printing would go with all small holes in the design and such. The alumide version turned out perfect, and was a 2mm thick print.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Do you have the image from the rejection email?
  3. DrywFiltiarn
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    There is no rejection mail :) It perfectly accepts my model file, but if I have it at 2mm thickness it will simply not allow me to order it in stainless steel.

    It seems that by having the workaround of having the pendant itself 2mm thick and having a 3mm loop for a chain, it will allow me to print it in stainless steel. Like this:
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  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    Ah yes, because the minimum bounding box is 3mm cube.
  5. AmLachDesigns
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    But then you run the risk of the print failing. I think from all I have read that the 3mm rule is there for a reason, and with the bulk of your model at 2mm it may break when in its 'green' state pre-infusion.
  6. DrywFiltiarn
    DrywFiltiarn New Member
    I would agree on that with you, but on the other hand if I see people creating things like this: I would think it wouldn't be much of a problem having it at 2mm. The one in the link to me looks even thinner than that and seems viable to print due to the ring attached to it as well.
  7. Youknowwho4eva
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    I'd be less concerned with the thickness of the pendant than the thin areas of they symbol itself.
  8. AmLachDesigns
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    So go ahead and order in stainless, and see what happens. I can't help feeling that it will be rejected at some point.

    There's a whole bunch of complaints on the forums about rejections, and specifically already printed models now being rejected.There's no guarantee that the model you highlight would print ok now.
  9. Innovo
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    Unless you follow the rules you will take a chance even if it has successfully printed in the past.