Stainless steel nickel finish

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  1. flashgordondesigns
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    My customers constantly are requesting a finish that looks more like stainless steel. What is the timeline for offering a nickel plated option. This would be an ideal "standard" finish for stainless steel.

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  2. Syncopator
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    This brings up an interesting point-- is it possible to have a stainless model plated in chrome or nickel at a local auto plating shop? I've seen some nice nickel jobs on intake manifolds that would look great over a 3D printed model, but I don't know if the resultant piece can be subjected to the process given that the stainless isn't just cast but is formed with brass & whatnot...
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    Not sure about finishes, but new metals are on the chopping block.
  4. GlenG
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    The quick answer to after market, chrome or nickel plating on the SW SS media is yes , this can be done. expect that the plater might need to tweak the process a bit, but it will work. The "electroless" plating process works best on irregular or convoluted surfaces as standard electro plating process will have trouble getting into tight crevices or parts with a lot of internal cavities and surfaces, like some of Bathsheba's math models.
    Chrome plate typically begins with a pure copper layer, followed by the chrome. I'd suggest you read up on the technical aspects of plating processes before finding an outside shop to do this work.