Stainless steel multiple objects

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lolcop, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. lolcop
    lolcop New Member
    Hey shapeways community!

    Is it possible to print multiple objects with the stainless steel process?
    I want to fab a custom charm for my girlfriend.
    For connecting to a bracelet it would be better to have something like a small chain consisting of 2 elements. like that:
    Is it possible to print that?

  2. lolcop
    lolcop New Member
    oooohhhh, too bad: i always got a server timeout when posting the topic. i'm really sorry about that. could some mod please delete the threads?
  3. virtox
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    No worries, it is currently a know issue, surplus has been deleted :)

    To answer your question: moving or interlinking parts is no longer possible with stainless steel.
    It was too labor intensive and difficult to accomplish for production.

    Perhaps a standard/sturdy split ring could do the trick?


  4. lolcop
    lolcop New Member
    Alright, no problem!
    I think i can design around that issue ;)
    thanks again!