Stainless Steel Accuracy?

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    I haven't printed stainless steel before, and have questions about accuracy.

    I have a coupling nut and a screw, and I need to make a SS hexagonal cap that fits on top of the nut, and goes between the nut and screw.

    according to the design rules, the accuracy of SS is 2mm. Is this 2mm in either direction?

    The width from side to side of the nut is 12.8mm, and I need the cap to fit snugly. I was thinking to compensate for this variation, I would taper the inside of the cap over a height of 3-4mm, from about 12.3mm at the top to 14.3mm at the bottom. Would this work or do I need greater tolerances?

    This cap is one end of a Z-bracket sort of thing. How does orientation affect SS printing? Does it make a difference if the Z is on it's side or upright?


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