Stacking Parts In Full Color Sandstone

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    I looked in the forums, and my searches came up with almost but not quite related questions, so I am hoping that I do not have a question that is just a copy of someone else's.

    I am doing a 3D print of some architecture on commission. The building is longer than the maximum bounding box size of 350 mm, so I am splitting the model. I have never printed a model that needed splitting before, so I am a bit concerned as I will not be the one ordering the print. I have heard rumors that the bounding box limit is for each individual part. Is this true, and if so can I just separate the pieces of the model and move on?

    If not, and all the parts must fit in a single bounding box, can a stack the parts above one another like the attached image?

    The model is not yet finished, and each section will have a bit of the surrounding landscape attached. The final print will be like a plate with food on it hovering above another plate with food on it.

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