ss moving parts tolerances?

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  1. fraochdha
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    I'm interested in printing objects in stainless steel and bronze with moving parts, but I can't seem to find what tolerance should be to print them together and yet insure their movement post print. Is this found in the materials page under design specifications? if not, where can I find it?

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    What you want is the Accuracy, in the Design Guidelines. It says +/- 2 mm. You will need to make all things big, then machine the parts down to final size. Remember it's a composite of steel and bronze, not an alloy, and that has been reported to stress tools more than expected. Interesting, the pages claim up to 30% bronze now, old info was 40%.
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    So if Im understand +/- 2mm correctly- if I have an axle in an axle support then the gap between the inside of the axle housing and the outside of the axle would be 4mm to play it safe? or will 2mm tolerance (distance between both surfaces) suffice?

    thanks again!

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