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  1. Magic
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    In March 2011, I designed my first Square Fabric. In the same period, Stop4Stuff designed his Square Maille - Flat N sampler and both models had a similar design: something flat made of square basic shapes.

    So last December, when I was contacted by a journalist about this Square Fabric, I could not prevent myself from revisiting this design.

    First I decided to make a new version with smaller links and smaller clearances. The previous version had a wire of 2mm with a clearance of 1mm. This time, the wire is 1.5mm and the clearance 0.5mm.
    The result is the Square Fabric v2.

    I also ask Stop4Stuff the permission to design a new fabric with a link directly inspired from his own design but with a more round feeling (without going into particulars, I work with cylinders intersections).
    The result is the Square Fabric v3.

    I really like how those fabrics react when you touch them.
    The next step would be to take a scanned part of body, say a hand, transform it into a model made of squares and then replace each square by such a square link, in order to make a glove.
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  2. Wahtah
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    If you can make the model with reasonably square squares all of about the same size, I can help you make the glove :)

    This shows a somewhat similar fabric that is triangle based, but either of your square fabrics can be used as well.


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  3. Magic
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    Wow, very nice heart indeed. I have also seen your woven glove.
    I'd like to see a mix between the shape of the hand and the square links.
    I suspect the Square Fabric v3 would also work with triangles in addition to squares. This would be a big help, because most of the time you get models made of triangles rather than squares.
  4. Wahtah
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    That's right, v3 will work with squares and triangles, even with a combination of the two. I was wrong about v2 though, it can't be used because it doesn't have four fold rotational symmetry. That won't work in places like the corner of a cube where three links meet.

    I don't have something like v3 programmed in yet, but that's the easy bit. The hard part is getting the input model all nice and isotropic...
  5. Magic
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    In the meantime, please check this video: http://youtu.be/IOl2wLmDL4A
    You can see successively the original Square Fabric, the v2 and the v3.
  6. Magic
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  7. seriaforma
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    This stuff is really cool.
  8. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Hi there,

    Here are two other concepts of Fabric Swatch.
    The first one, that I received time ago, but for some reasons, I did not post a message about it.
    It is called Double-Eight Fabric, because of its basic link shape.

    And the second one I received recently, the Hexa Fabric (nearly the same concept but with a 3-fold symmetry instead of a 2-fold, and two basic links):

    Both are very flexible and react very nicely.