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    NS Sprinter Lighttrain in 1:87

    The Sprinter Lighttrain or SLT is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train type operated by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen in The Netherlands. They were built from 2007 Bombardier (2400) and Siemens (2600). For the original type of Sprinter, see NS Stadsgewestelijk Materieel.

    The printed model is covered with decals, this makes it easier for people to build there own SLT.
    The only things that are painted are the white and grey/black, the rest are decals.

    Decals can soon (hopefully) be found at the website of Kees-Jan ( http://reel-cees.nl/ )
    At the moment the decals aren't finished yet.

    The BR423 from Roco is used as chassis for this SLT!
    Fits good!

    Please note that the upper grey should be light grey instead the dark grey that is shown in the picture!


    Extra info:

    The SLT is designed to replace the Mat '64 trains from the 1960s and 1970s. The first 35 sets were ordered in 2005 and the first set, 2402 arrived in January 2008. The second set, 2602 arrived in February 2008 and both were used on test runs. In September 2007 NS ordered a further 64 sets, and these started arriving in The Netherlands in mid 2009. In 2009 a further 32 were ordered. The trains use regenarative braking, which puts electricity back into the electric supply when they brake.
    The trains are based on the DB Class 425 design, but made to meet the demands of the Sprinter. They use Jacobs bogie, which allow for thin and wide gangways between each coach. The units were built in Aachen (2400) and Krefeld (2600).


    The real thing:
    picture by Marc

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