Spiral Theatre 3D Model

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  1. nchelliah
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    Hi, Just looking for some help!

    I have tried uploading my theatre model to be printed. I originally sent a earlier version of this model which uploaded fine - however it was rejected as some of the spirals were too thin to be printed. I went back into the model to thicken up some of the spirals and re-uploaded it. However it then came back saying it would not print because it was not manifold.

    I checked the model in netfabb, repaired it, put the model back into rhino and checked all the meshes there too. They all seem perfect - no holes, no degenerate faces, no naked edges, no duplicates, no non-maniofold edges, all normals facing the same direction - so according to all my programs there is nothing wrong.

    Could anybody please help? I have included my 3D model, if anyone is able to take a look for me it would be massively appreciated.


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  2. stonysmith
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    Send your file to service@shapeways.com and ask them to explain.
    Looking at your file.. I don't see anything wrong with it, other than some of the "wires" are likely still too thin. I do NOT see any manifold errors.
  3. nchelliah
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    Thats what I thought as well, I checked and doble checked it... any advice on what I could do? It wont let me upload to to shapeways and the error is still "Only manifold objects can be printed".

  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    I opened in netfabb and it says it's good, but shows lots of red faces so not exactly sure what's going on with it.