Spinning Gear Ring in SS

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  1. owlposse
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    Hey guys,

    I've been fiddling around with this ring design since November last year. I think I've now finalised it. It is part of a whole range of jewellery I'm working on so it won't be for sale for a little while yet.

    This ring has a free-moving gear that you can spin with your finger. I thought it would be a great fidget's ring, as it's kinda addictive :) The little cutout hole shows a section of the gear teeth turning and looks kinda neat.

    After a lot of thought and testing, I've decided to print the ring and the gear separately (no moving parts rule with SS), using a cut down nail as the spoke. I just glued this baby together yesterday and I'll be knocking it around, washing my hands while wearing it and generally trying to see if it holds solid. I tried rubber cement but it was too flexible for my liking so I'm now using a more epoxy based glue.

    Anyway see pics below and let me know what you think :D




    I am loving the Shapeways service and the close knit community here. It makes things truly magical beyond just receiving your prints which is awesome enough on its own.
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  2. dizingof
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    Niiiiiice !

  3. owlposse
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    Thanks, dizingof :D
  4. bitstoatoms
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  5. cadalu
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    Fantastic ring, you really did an amazing job!!!

    I hope you offer it in various sizes, I would totally order it!
  6. owlposse
    owlposse New Member
    Thanks cadalu, I'm so glad you like it!

    I'll be offering it in a couple of set sizes initially, so people can find their best fit. It's kinda a tricky one to make a co-creator out of but it'd be interesting to try that also :)

  7. baltimore
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    great! can we get a video?
  8. owlposse
    owlposse New Member
    sure baltimore, I should have time this weekend to do one :)
  9. LincolnK
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    Cool design!

    I would recommend using E-6000 for your adhesive. Myself and most other people working jewelry that I have talked to feel it is the best metal to metal glue.


  10. owlposse
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    Sweet! That's the glue I ended up going with after the cement didn't deliver :D

    It's still holding well, I've been spinning the gear like a maniac trying to break it :laughing:
  11. Spongeinside
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    =D Soo cool! When can we expect this beauty to be available for sale?