Sphere inversion

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  1. This print was made for the exhibition Math & Art at the school for Architecture in Ghent. It is a physical site specific sculpture installed in De Witte Zaal.

    The sculpture was a collaboration of artists Patrick Labarque and Corneel Cannaerts







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  2. bdeaver
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    That's a beautiful sculpture! All sides of it are equally interesting. Is the big spherical part solid or hollow?

  3. the whole sculpture has a 2 mm shell
  4. ana_xyz
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    Thanks for sharing these! It's always fun to see what people create when they use Shapeways to create projects for school.

  5. NWoolridge
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    Very, very cool...! I love the physical representation of a distorted space....
  6. henryseg
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    This is a very clever idea. Am I right in thinking that this is made by taking the geometry of the hallway and doing a sphere inversion on it? How big is the inverting sphere relative to the hallway, or the sculpture?
  7. @henryseg

    idd, first we made a model of the room, than we generated the shere inversion

    the radius of the sphere is 22.5 cm
    the room is about 30m
  8. Sol3
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    That's wild! :eek:

    I love it!

    That must have cost a pretty penny. :eek:
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  9. Dotsan
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    Very cool.
  10. ana_xyz
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    @fabriek.org, I just wanted to let you know I gave your Sphere Inversion a nod in this past week's Friday Finds.

    Keep up the awesome work. :)

  11. cloaca
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    een millimeterke dik was peis ik genoeg geweest ze, corneel. maar wel schoon
  12. virtox
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    Nice use of sphere inversion!

    I'm very fond of spatial warping methods like that :)

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