Specifying material Full Color Sandstone

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  1. I just successfully uploaded a couple of trivial models (VG test 2 & VG test 3). Each upload was a ZIP file containing an OBJ file and an MTL file with 2 colors.

    When I try to add either model to my cart, the option "Full Color Sandstone" (FCS) does not appear under "Select Material." The option "Sandstone" does appear.

    Q1: Should I just go ahead and select "Sandstone" and assume that the proper thing will happen, that the FCS material will magically be used because my model has a color profile?

    Q2: If so, will FCS show up as the material on my invoice?

    Q3: If not, how do I order FCS?

    Thank you ... VG Cook
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    As far as I know, OBJ is not supported for color models: your zip must contain a WRL file and JPG file for Full color Sandstone to appear.
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    Like Magic says... also PNG will work. Once you have sucessfully uploaded a file you'll know because full-colour sandstone becomes an option AND the preview image will be in colour.

  4. Here is the information I was relying on: http://www.shapeways.com/materials/fullcolor

    "Specifications and pricing for both Full Color Sandstone and Sandstone are equal. You need to upload an OBJ, VRML97, or VRML2 file with a texture map in one ZIP file. If the file contains color information we will print your design in Full Color Sandstone. If the file has no color information we will print it in natural Sandstone."

    Is the above information incorrect?

    I am exporting my models from SketchUp 8, and I chose OBJ because it was the most compact 3D format. Thanks for any help...VG
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  6. Here is how I interpreted that sentence: "Textures files (e.g., GIF, JPG, PNG) are only available for color uploads (WRL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV files)." I did not read the first list of file types as all-inclusive, and I'm only using colors and not textures.

    But never mind, I have moved on, as the more 3D file types I can use the better off I am. After about 20 tries, I successfully uploaded a VRML file with a color that appears on a face of a model when displayed by Shapeways. To succeed I had to modify SketchUp's VRML export options and then manually edit the exported WRL file to add a line for scaling from meters to inches (using SketchUp to scale was disastrous.) I have two questions:

    Q1: I have attached a screen shot of my current options for VRML export from SketchUp 8 Pro. Are these options appropriate and/or should some settings be changed?


    Q2: Although each face of my model is colored and 4 different colors are used (and mentioned during the VRML export process), Shapeways only displays two colors on opposite faces, and the other faces appear to be uncolored. I am uncomfortable printing this model when I cannot see all of my colors. What am I doing wrong?