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  1. kerzhakov
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    Who wants to make a design from crixus necklace from the spartacus series?
    It has to be (almost) like the added picture, at least the eagle heads, the closure may be different (maybe with a few rings only instead of the ring and bar).
    The two metal rings that are halfway the necklace should be there too.
    Stainless steel should do it for the eagle heads, closure and halfway rings, else the price is to high.
    I don't know what material the necklace itself is, so pick the most usual for that.

    A nice design for a good price should be sold well, so lots of profit can be made.

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  2. SilverLab
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    Dear Mr. Kerzhakov

    The necklace has been already modelled in 3D by our silver workshop " "and we sell it for 250 Euros for a piece in sterling silver.
    The picture you've included lacks the source reference, so I include a link:
    Crixus Eagle Choker by

    I feel obliged to note out that it will cost you cheaper to buy it ready made from us in silver rather than get it in 3d and then print and cast it (especially in stainless steel).

    You probably don't have good idea about the production process of jewellery in stainless steel.

    Good luck to you and please include the source reference next time you decide to post content or images from our website online!


    Silverlab Team.