Something is wrong, but I do not get what is wrong.

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  1. lgrfbs
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    My friend leifsson asked my to make some stl-files, but now we do not understand what is wrong with the design.

    This is what leifsson get in the email + the images:
    All img from Shapeways.png

    The file "All" do have all stl-files and images from shapeways.

    if the stl-file not was correct, way did them pass the first test of files?
    So can any tell what is wrong in this design?

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  2. mkroeker
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    Quick first guess - not all of these parts are attached to the sprue, and the individual parts are too small
    to print them without it ? Try checking your file with netfabb studio basic and/or running it through the free
    netfabb cloud service to coalesce all parts into one "shell".
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I looked at the file in netfabb, and your pieces are very close together, but it's impossible to see (at least with my experiance) if their are gaps. If you can join all your pieces together before uploading, that should resolve any issues, But it looks like some may be either sitting face to face, or not have any contact at all.
  4. lgrfbs
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    I loaded one of the files in NetFab but I a all okey there.
    New STL file for testing

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    Thank you all!
    about hole with dimension 0.2mm in wall I had forgotten to check out precisely the dimension, drawn just as the sketch showed without thinking, embarrassing. :blush: