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    I am trying to help my BF collect alot of anime figures that are pose-able, but companies have never made. Just random characters that he is looking for. I figured if I can't get one that he's looking for, maybe I could make one, but I don't have the resources. Then, I thought to myself, I wonder if anybody with a 3D printer would help me out. Of course I could paint the character, but if anybody could print the figure out in color, that would be awesome as well.

    The figure that I wish to make is of Charlotte E. Yeager from the anime, Strike Witches. The figure would have to be 6 inches tall without the Striker. If you need specific's on the character and how the figure is with the Striker gear on, you can email/message me and I will give you pictures of the Sanya Yitvak character and gear that my BF has. I only have a couple of extra requests.

    1. Not only I would like her regular Striker gear, but I would also like the Jet engine Striker Gear made as well if possible from the second season? When he seen the prop Striker go to Jet Striker, he flipped. He believed Charlette should have gotten the gear because her character had the back story for it. Also for her normal Striker unit, don't forget to make mini props and discs that look like as if the props are spinning. (I can send you pics of the one's from Sanya's Striker Unit.)

    2. If it isn't too much trouble, but I also would like the weapons made for Charlette from the series. The character model I would like is from the First or Second season of the show. NOT THE UNDERWEAR VERSION.

    3. I know that I'm still stretching it, but is it possible that you can also make the character with interchangeable faces like FIGMA actually produces with their own characters? The way they have it for the other 4 to 5 characters that are out is that you can switch the hair to model the times if they are using magic or not. As well as a tail too. (The show is kind of a furry Lolita type of show.)

    Please help me! I'm trying to make this for my boyfriend. He has the Sanya Yitvak character, but no company has ever made a Charlotte Yeager version. I will gladly pay money for this.

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