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    Hello people,

    To give you the short story, I'm looking for a wall mount for my wife's Steampot. (device for her hair to keep it neat and pretty =D )
    Its this thing here.

    Every time I go to the bathroom, this thing is all over the sink. I need to wrap it up every time.
    She will not clean it up, because when she's done with it, the thing is still hot and needs to cool down a bit, so it just waits there for me to come home...

    I was thinking if there could be a wall mount for this thing, but that doesnt exist (yet).

    So my question for you guys is, what program could I use to make a wall mount and print it with Shapeways?

    But even before that, would you advise this or not? I do not know anything about d3 printing at all, just came to this site 30 minutes ago.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Vincent S.
  2. UniverseBecoming
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    Hey! Welcome to Shapeways! :D

    Yes, I would advise it! Also, as a side benefit, if you design something that people like you can sell it here too!

    For software, try out the free software called DesignSpark Mechanical. It's pretty easy to learn and use. I made a beginners tutorial on it that can be found here. Also, you can find numerous video tutorials here. If you ended up liking the software and wanted to throw down some serious cash for it you can get the full version, which is SpaceClaim.

    You need to design it with a Shapeways material that can handle the heat. Shapeways has numerous materials that can handle high temperatures but most of them are expensive. Those would be the investment cast materials, mainly precious metals. There are two materials though that can stand up to the heat and are reasonably priced. They are Shapeways' Steel and Porcelain.

    What you could do is design the main part of the wall mount from Shapeways' most popular plastic material Strong & Flexible Plastic and then design an insert from Porcelain or Steel that would reside in the area that comes in contact with the hot parts of the Steampod.

    I just realized as I was writing this that the Steampod works with steam. Which means it's probably not going to heat up to more than the softening temperature of 163 °C for Strong & Flexible Plastic so you can most likely design the whole thing in Strong & Flexible Plastic.

    We'll help you design it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :)
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    I'd keep this thing in the kitchen and do some hot dogs with it in between.
  4. Peter3D
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  5. vinc1402
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    Thank you for your reply,

    I'm definitely going to give this a try, just 1 thing. Every Computer or laptop in this house is Apple. Are there some mac versions around for this kind of software?

    Otherwise, I'll have to do a virtual environment on one of the devices.

    And for the heat, it's only the curling tongs getting hot. I think the plastic you mentioned could definitely resist this temperature.

    Thank you again for your attention to my problem :)

    Kind regards,
    Vincent S.
  6. UniverseBecoming
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    That's strange, I see your reply in my email as an email notification, but your reply is not showing here on the forum. I'll just quote your reply as it appears in my email notification:

    Apple OS is not great when it comes to engineering software. Apple is really good when it comes to art related software, especially 2D related. However, you're in luck! Thanks to Autodesk for their Fusion 360 software, which is free! Here are the system requirements. Here's where you get the software. Fusion 360 is highly robust premium quality engineering software but I don't recommend it for two reasons. The learning curve is far more difficult compared to Designspark Mechanical and the other reason is that it is cloud-based. When doing innovation one should never connect the computer they're working on to online. The problem is industrial espionage is rampant these days. Other than that, it is my second choice when it comes to free engineering software.

    Go here and click on the OS X tab to find some more 3D modeling software for Mac. On that list, aside from Fusion 360, another good one that I would recommend that is free is Sketchup. On the nonfree list, I'd recommend Rhino.

    To start I would get Fusion and then start learning how to use it. I'd then get one of these. You'll want a digital caliper so you can easily take measurements of the Steampod. Usually, in a situation like this I would make a 3D model of the Steampod and then I'd build the wall mount around it. Making the 3D model of the Steampod just makes it easier to get clearances right and to also visualize how it's going to look.

    Peter3D, good suggestions! That's the easy way out though. No coolness factor, that one would get, from designing their own. :p
  7. Frozenrain
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    Yes,I think it‘s quick and easy to buy one from Amazon.No need to learn 3D-printing at all if you do not know anything about 3D-printing.:)
  8. vinc1402
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    There are plenty of hairdryer holders available, but never the complete thing for a SteamPod. You have the device itself that needs a square platform, and then the curling tong with it together.
  9. Frozenrain
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    So you gonna make one yourself? hmmm……I learnt how to use 3DSMAX on the Internet myself for 3 month as an amateur hobby. Now I design everything, such as furniture, jewelry, tools with 3DSMAX.I do not know others well.Sorry.:confused:
  10. vinc1402
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    Thank you so much for this information.

    I've downloaded the Fusion360, going to be watching some videos and hope I'll get along with it. I'm a Linux programmer and web designer, this is something out of my normal area :)

    Do you have any idea on how much it would cost to print my concept?

    Kind regards,
    Vincent S.
  11. UniverseBecoming
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    It all depends on the volume and space it takes up in the machine. I guestimated the dimensions of the Steampod and came up with this wall mount design in about 20 minutes. It has an internal space of just over 55 mm by 55 mm and 4mm walls. I'll probably get a Steampod for my girlfriend since I think it looks like a cool product and I'll probably get the dimensions and adjust this design into a viable product.

    Steampod wall mount cost analysis.jpg
    This guestimated design is $50 in Shapeways' Polished Strong & Flexible Plastic. Also, another material you could make it from is Shapeways' PLA at $33. PLA is cheaper but it has distinct print layer lines whereas the Polished Strong & Flexible Plastic will have barely noticeable print layer lines in some areas. If you want the 3D printed look then go with PLA.

    You can upload the STL file, see attached, to Shapeways to look at all the different prices and see how that works. It's in millimeter model units, which is the Shapeways upload model units default. If you ever get your hands on a PC you can check out the DesignSpark Mechanical file I included as well in the ZIP.

    So, you're a computer programmer. Hmmm. . . Maybe you might be interested in OpenSCAD. It lets you build 3D models via command line instructions. I've never used it before because it makes me feel sick! HAHA! :D I can't stand left-brained stuff as I am left brain retarded! HAHA! :D Lots of people like to sit there and happily enter code all day to build things in 3D with it. I've never used it before, but I'll bet to make the example Wall mount I made in DesignSpark Mechanical, in around 20 minutes, would probably take a year to make in OpenSCAD! HAHAHA! :D :D :D

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