Some problems with 3d viewing and downloading

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by jazzros, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. jazzros
    jazzros New Member

    Now, I have some problems with my models that I uploaded before (and upload now):
    I can not view it in 3d. I have square image with "this model is no longer publicly available" and
    error's description - "Class not found: undesign.UDesignApplet"

    On my another pc my 3d models view with some problems... It seems like my model has a lot of spots on the surface.

    Also have a problem with your download feature. I can not open downloaded original file of the model -
    it says "The archive is unknown format or damaged".

    Looking forward to your comments :)
  2. jazzros
    jazzros New Member
    Hi there,

    Some additional information

    On the pc where my model can be viewed in 3d I used Safari browser and as I said before there I can view it but with some problems - there are a lot of spots on the model.

    On my anothet pc if I use Safari - the model can be viewed but if I use IE or firefox i have the errors during the loading of the model

  3. bartv
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    We're aware of some problems with the 3D viewer and recent Java versions - this is being looked in to.

    About the download problem: is this a model with a texture map, perhaps? We had problems with re-downloading these files. A fix for this issue should arrive this Thursday.