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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by pdb, May 4, 2012.

  1. pdb
    pdb New Member
    So this is the completed case collection.

    There's some new and some i have posted before but i included them because i have completed my brief of 5 working cases (i know there's 8 but i got carried away).

    Ill add descriptions and prices over the next couple of days.

    At the moment i dont plan to add a 'mark-up' to the products. this is only because i would make them downloadable but i would like to retain IP rights......although im not sure if this is how it works.

    PS.....i would have added this to my collections sticky but i doubt i would get any feedback
    and i didnt want to post the newer ones individually as they would clutter the forum


    EDIT: why do my photos appear higher quality in forum posts compared to my individual shop ones?
    they are the same files just placed on larger canvas.

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  2. bradykineticcuriosities
    bradykineticcuriosities Well-Known Member
    Nice cases!

    My favorites are Starry and Pixel...
  3. jeff
    jeff New Member
    great collection and range of designs here. I really like the customizable aspect of Pixel. And little guy is a great pattern, when will that one be available?
  4. pdb
    pdb New Member
    im just doing the last bit of testing ...... so later this week i imagine :) glad you like them.