Some bugs; 'Not for sale', 'my shop', safari

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    Hi Shapeways,

    I have some bugs to file, I hope you can channel them to the people responsible ;) I'm using Safari 4.0.3 on a Macbook, OS X 10.5.8.

    1) I'll start with the most important one. Today I became a co-creator by clicking one button, which is very very cool, thanks for that. The image upload is also awesome, because I was the one who asked for it and even made something now useless at I'm really looking forward to co-creating some models, but I have the problem that the models I selected are now suddenly 'Not For Sale'! Which is really weird because I hadn't selected that. In the model page they're still on 'show and allow ordering' and they're 'availably to all'. Also, on the model page itself, they can be ordered and customized, so it's just a thumbnail display problem.
    Now I'm looking at it, more people have this problem! Sometimes I see 'not for sale' but if you click on the thumbnail, there's no problem!
    EDIT: And suddenly, it's solved! There's no problem now. I don't know if you solved it or if it's when the models are really fresh. What's going on?
    EDIT2: Problem's back again.

    2) I can't edit my shop on in Safari, but it works in Firefox.

    3) In the menu 'my designs' it still says 'Open a shop' in stead of 'My Shop'. I have to manually enter or in the URL bar of my browser to edit my shop.

    4) Sometimes the page is really wide, but I don't know exactly when this happens. It's unpredictable.

    5) I can only upload one file to my forum message. I had another one to show you it still says 'open a shop'.

    Thanks for the great coolness of shapeways, but have a look at these :)
    - Benno

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    I'm currently experiencing the "Not for sale" bug you mention in #1, and have written to about it. Just wanted to post here to say that others are having the problem.
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    Thanks for your feedback. We'll look into your issues, but for most I'' postpone till business hours ;)

    But I already do have some background information:

    The information about models that we show in the galleries are coming from a cache so the webpages are build up quicker.

    When you view the details of a model, that is the direct data (not cache). The cache is updated every seven minutes. So if you make a change to your model details, it takes at most seven minutes before the model in the gallery (or shop, or my designs) is updated too.

    I'll need to look up why you get the 'not for sale' in the mean time. And will also follow-up on the other items.

    Thanks, kind regards, Arno
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