SolidWorks problem, lack of colour

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    I am having problems with saving as .stl or .wrl, in SolidWorks. It works, but it loses all colour. At first I had individual faces coloured, which took a long time, now I've got a seperate bodies for each colour, which saves a lot of time when trying to change it. Using either method though, it's not saving the colour to .stl or .wrl, and I don't know why. :\


    Oh, it saves the colour of the overall part specifically, but not any applied to faces or individual bodies.

    Okay, I'm trying to use Blender now to colour the parts. I've attached the .blend file. When I try to export all the parts as .stl, .obj, or .x3d it doesn't save with colour.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Or is it not supposed to save with colour? :\

    Okay, I figured out how to add colour using textures with AccuTrans 3D, to .wrl format. Very happy I've done it, now I can start making more stuff. :) (well, I'll order this and see how it turns out...)
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