Solidworks designers?

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by Plasticdreaming, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Plasticdreaming
    Plasticdreaming New Member
    I'm in need of some minor modeling and edits to models made in the Solidworks program.

    Specifically i'm looking for someone who can import a solidworks file (ex. a square) , make changes in their 3D program (ex. add details to this square) , and return the part to me in a format OTHER than STL.
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  2. accushape3d
    accushape3d Well-Known Member
    Sure, Send me a general idea of what you need done and I'll give you a cost. Thanks,
  3. voth
    voth New Member
    Let me know what you need to do
  4. basacwards
    basacwards New Member
    Pm me and let me know what your looking for and ill send you a sample of my work.
  5. Plasticdreaming
    Plasticdreaming New Member
    Still looking and i've added a better explanation of what i'm looking for in the original post.
  6. liamo1991
    liamo1991 New Member
    I have experience with solidworks and maybe could help you, get back to me if you are interested.
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  7. fabrice974
    fabrice974 New Member
    i'm a solidworks expert for 12 years
    pm me
  8. wjv
    wjv New Member
    I use Solidworks on a daily basis professionally. So if you're still looking, PM me.