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  1. Bren
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    I have two parts that I want to print as one, e.g. with moving parts. There are put together in solidworks using an assembly, but when I save it as an STL or step then try and upload it shapeways rejects it. When I open the STL file in solidworks it has the 2 parts separated.

    So the question, is there a way to upload an assembly form solidworks to get printed as one part.

    Thanks Bren

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  2. Roy_Stevens
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    In Solidworks, when you select STL as your save-as option, you will see a button appear that says 'options'. Open that and check 'save all components of an assembly into a single file'.
    Also, make certain your assembly parts are fully defined or you may experience strange behavior when saving to other file formats. I usually use 'fine' when outputting to an STL file, occasionaly I have to use 'course' on complex models. I have had rejections when using manual settings.
  3. Bren
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    Thanks for your tip. In the end I just saved the assembly as a part then re-exported it as an stl file. This made it all one part.

    Thanks Bren