Soldering Stainless Steel

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by jongold, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. jongold
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    So I've printed a shaving brush handle with a 5mm hole to let support material out, and I was wondering if the stainless steel material takes well to soldering. I want to fill the hole, but I don't want to melt the handle. I was thinking of folding up a small copper wire, and shoving it in the hole, and soldering over that. Am I asking for trouble? NewBrush.jpg
  2. GlenG
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    You can solder this material quite easily with any variety of hard or soft alloys.
    Sounds like you are attempting to close up a hollow shell and create a gas tight seal?
    Just so you know, this can be extremely difficult to accomplish. When the air inside the metal part heats up and cools down this tends to blow the solder out of the way before it chills. Sometimes the hole looks tight but in fact it will have porosity and will actually suck in moisture. This can be an extremely frustrating task. Unless you have very good soldering skills I would suggest sealing the hole with an epoxy putty.

  3. jongold
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    I'm installing the badger hair knot with devcon 2 ton clear epoxy. Will this seal the hole for me, or should I still try to seal it with a putty or some solder.

    PS. I have lots of experience soldering electronics as well as jewelry.
  4. GlenG
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    try the solder, if you can't get it airtight, go with the epoxy. You can add a thickening agent to the devcon and make your own putty. Chalk dust, or other powdered materials work well for this. Epoxy metal putties like 'liquid steel" just contain finely powdered metal.