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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by gibell, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. gibell
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    I am interested in creating mathematical objects whose dimensions are known exactly. For example, suppose I would like to create a hollow dodecahedron with distance between parallel outside faces exactly 2cm? What would be the easiest, or most convenient software to create an STL file of this? Of course there is a learning curve associated with any piece of software, but setting this aside.

    I have downloaded Blender, and it seems a nightmare for creating exact models like this. It can create spheres and cylinders, that is no problem. But making them hollow is not simple. Lining everything up in a GUI does not seem optimal when you want faces to match perfectly. Also, when I use the "boolean union" and "boolean difference", half the time the mesh ends up with errors, even when using perfect cylinders and spheres. The lack of an "undo" button is pretty bad, too.

    I am not restricting myself to free software. One piece of software I have now is Mathematica. I noticed that it can export and import STL. Are there any tools in Mathematica for 3d modeling? Perhaps writing programs in Mathematica would be the easiest way to do all this.

    Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Hey, Blender got undo long ago. And multitouch, no less. Ctrl and z, two fingers.

    Well, on a more serious side, you're right it's not the best for math things, you'll have to use Python and create the meshes by hand, or get a script that does exactly that. The software proposed by DF looks like a good start.
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    I use KeyCreator. Very exact software with mass calculations and all. If you can get an older version, go with version 4.5. Of all the versions I've used it's the most stable, and a lot easier to use. We use 7.0 here and it's a bunch of head aches. I shouldn't say that today cause it's being good for right now.
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    I almost forgot. Check this one too:

    Grasshopper for Rhino plugin.
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    Thanks, everyone, for the links and info! I am glad there is now an undo in Blender ... must have missed it before. I will check out all the suggestions ...