So This Price Increase Nonsense...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonnystyles, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. jonnystyles
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    Did this start when the new CEO Greg Kress took over?
    I was trying to buy something that should have cost me no more than $20-30, $50 at the most, and now it is $350?!

    I guess those of us LATE to the SHAPEWAYS party have to pay up now and be punished when those that bought the same items before us got FAIR and affordable prices for the items they bought?! ABSURD!

    This is just ludicrous on so many levels. I mean I just goggled all the media and scanned all the topics here when the prices changed... Is there any petitions to stop this madness? I am sick of business people thinking they can bully sales and profit strategies down our throats! Shop owners have got to be feeling this too, just like the buyers! I know many people here still think this is absurd and unfair on many levels... 3D printing was NEVER this costly! Explain to me the justification for this, and the timing of the new CEO starting these "new" pricing policies.
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  2. Model_Monkey
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    The new pricing algorithm may have recalculated the price for the product you are interested in incorrectly. Contact the designer and ask him or her to have Shapeways' customer service reps manually evaluate the new price.

    Hope this helps.
  3. jonnystyles
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    I asked him and he insists that the price is set by SW. I asked live chat too, and they did not help me. I assume the price has seriously gone up that much and that is ashamed, I have no idea what I can do. The prices are way higher now...
  4. rolsen01
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    Yep, I went from selling 3000 parts per month to now about 215 per month. Hardly no one is willing to pay this insane pricing anymore. They need to make a profit, so this is their way of doing that. Might as well just get used to it or move on to another platform.
  5. jonnystyles
    jonnystyles Member
    I made my own device with scrap instead. Turned out better than I had hoped, used metal instead of ABS types of material. SW can go to hell. I feel for you guys. Not fair, but I guess the honey moon is over eh?
  6. barkingdigger
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    The new pricing is indeed the result of Greg Kress taking over and changing a lot of things at SW. It seems to use different measurements and different prices per unit of those measurements compared to the old formula, so prices have indeed jumped. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but sometimes it is a factor of how the parts are laid out in the product - a clever designer could maybe rearrange things to make it cheaper again. Trouble is, SW won't tell us what the new formula is, so we can only guess at the different factors that can be changed. And from what I've seen in the forums, most designers are voting with their feet...
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  7. jonnystyles
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    So the good old days are gone it seems? Good old capitalism... Good luck to all of you shopkeeper/creators guys. 3D printing WAS a great thing before it was turned into an inflated whore.
  8. jonnystyles
    jonnystyles Member
    THIS is really shady and a very unprofessional and alienating business tactic that only has one thing in mind... Greed... The kind that keeps both buyers and sellers in the dark and forces buyers to pay far out the nose for services.
  9. stonysmith
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    Another factor of capitalism is that a business must make money to survive. The Porcelain material was a "loss leader" - they were losing a million dollars a month! Kress had to make a tough decision, lose another several million dollars or cut the bleeding and stop producing Porcelain without advance notice.

    I'm not real happy with the new prices myself, but I've said for years .. the number one thing is that Shapeways must not operate in the red (consuming venture capital) for it to survive.

    If you go back and read the announcements, a reason that the pricing algorithm is not 'transparent' is that the price of the source materials change DAILY (and they have been on the rise the last several years). Much like the price of gasoline at the pump, you can't expect that the price today will be the price tomorrow. I haven't seen the total across all SW prices go DOWN more than a time or two, but its in the realm of possibility. It's just so much more complicated by the factor of Shopowner Markups - how can we Shopowners manage the final price if the Cost price keeps moving? What portion of your every day do you want to spend on updating prices?
  10. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Well-Known Member
    So I've resigned my store to the Shapeways decisions. I no longer expect revenue from it. I no longer add to it. I no longer worry about it. I have basically written the store off. With over 90% reduction in sales, I've reduced my markup to almost nothing just to get parts into hobbyists hands, but those are few and far between. I was once one of the largest hobby sales in Shapeways, and now its nothing.. can't even imagine what has happened to the others. I've let Avi know what has happened, and I got the obligatory "let me know if I can help you". There is no helping anymore, as this has become a hopeless , hapless cause form a storefront point of view. I only check the Forum anymore to see if any positive changes are happening, I don't even look at the store anymore. Trying to figure out how to get prices down is a total waste of time, as it changes constantly.
  11. jonnystyles
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    I admit I may not understand all the details. Let ask me you something if I may? Is the problem that other involved parties raised material costs because they wanted to take advantage of Shapeway's margins? I know that when items are sourced from overseas things get very complicated. Did Shapeways get extorted/bullied by their overseas based suppliers/manufacturers? I know that oil and petroleum markets have such obstacles in business. I sincerely hope the company did not have these unfair issues to remedy. I hate to come down on SW and the company if you guys were forced into this because of other greedy parties that took advantage of you.

    I just was feeling pretty bad for the shop owners and stores here that seem to be hit hard. I also hated that as a buyer I could not get the same deals as others did before this price increase took place.

    Mr. Kress maybe the face of these decisions, I get that, I do think that this is deeper. I am not so foolish to assume it is ALL him. I know there is more to this. I just hope that this was decision was NOT made in order to take advantage and push for more profits in an unfair and unprofessional way.
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  12. jonnystyles
    jonnystyles Member
    Anyways, I just felt bad for the creators on this platform. Seemed like a really unfair situation that befell them...
  13. Bathsheba
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    It was a good ride while it lasted.
  14. javelin98
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    The bottom line, sadly, is that Shapeways management doesn't care. They just got another $30 million infusion of venture capital last year, so what happens to us -- the designers and shopkeepers -- is almost irrelevant. We've voiced our objections many, many times, and basically been told to shut up and color.

    What really irks me is that we don't see this pricing volatility with other 3D printing services. I would imagine that daily changes in raw material prices would also affect them, but somehow it only seems to be Shapeways that suffers. Weird.