So, this education *is* good for something.

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    Hi, Im Mary a 29 year old from Southern California. Back in early 2000, I had graduated from art college with a mere AA degree, having gone to study for 3D modeling (gaming and animation). Maya was the program that the school used and I really enjoyed it, despite that even today, the options are staggering/overwhelming.

    As someone who also appreciates bodyart, I have been struggling to find a smelter (is that the correct term) to recreate a piece I had. Sadly, having to create it from scratch might involve casting and I have got quite the pricey quotes out here in Los Angeles. I know what I want so the designing is no problem, but it takes additional knowhow to shape that in steel....

    Until Shapeways. I got all sorts of interesting ideas for the body mod community. I look forward to using my college education for something (finally!)

    Oh, Maya, I think I love you... :D


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  2. ana_xyz
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    Hey Mary,

    Very cool! I haven't seen too many body art projects either, but it's an area with a lot of possibilities.

    Feel free to drop me a line if you need a hand with anything, or reach out the forum. We've got an exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful community :)

    - Ana

  3. WebmistressM
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    Thanks for the hello Ana. I actually also noticed that there was a scarcity of jewelry as far as body jewelry goes. Once I found out that there was a way to 3D print stainless steel, my gears started turning as there has been a shortage in some of the more personal types of jewelry that I enjoy. I guess I can try filling it and seeing if anyone else has wanted more out of intimate body jewelry as well. :)

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    Warning: "stainless steel" is 60% stainless steel and 40% bronze, so beware about alergies or plain skin tarnishing. It's not surgical grade steel.
  5. WebmistressM
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    Good to know and something that was what got me curious about shapeways in the first place. Its amazing even if not totally stainless steel. I actually saw the Stainless Steel production video sometime after making this post which kind of clued me into that.
    Just so you know, bronze is used in larger piercings, so it isnt totally a material which the body jewelery industry wont use. .:

    Its much like gold. Some people can have bronze, others cant. I got the Shapeways sample kit. Wonder if I can find a way to wrap this S shaped piece against my skin for a few days and see if I have an allergy.