Snug fitting pieces and rapid prototyping questions

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  1. 3dinLeiden
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    Hi Everyone,

    I have recently joined shapeways. I've used 3ds for a long time but not tried making something for printing yet.

    Rapid prototyping

    I have an old idea for some board-game pieces I would like to get moving, but would like do some rapid prototyping.
    I read the wait is 10days+, If I have a several small changes I will be developing the model for months.

    If anyone prefers to do rapid prototyping like me, what do you do? is there a way around this?
    Perhaps shapeways has an express service, or I can pick up my prints in person to cut down on postage/delivery time?
    Should I go to another company who offers rapid prototyping specifically until I have a final design?

    Any recomendations please.

    Snug fitting pieces
    On another question I have not managed to find an answer to...

    My piece design is similar to a Russian doll, I need the top to clip to the bottom in the same way, tight enough for the base not to fall down if you lift it by the top. But easy to un-clip it by hand. What is the recommended gap width for standard plastic so that it fits tightly.
    I guess 1mm will be to big, but 0mm to small to ensure it slots together. Anyone with experience of pieces cliping together.

    This wil affect the functionallity of the pieces, so it's pretty important, and it relates to the first point as I don't want to be doing this by trial and error over 40+ days.


  2. stonysmith
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    There are services that offer basically next-day delivery.
    My own findings are that they charge TEN TIMES what Shapeways charges.

    You can get faster service at a higher price.
  3. stop4stuff
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    Shapeways Strong & Flexible plastics probably won't give you the exact sizing you need for the fit. The frosted Detail plastics will give a more exact print, with it being possible for a 0mm fit using Frosted Ultra Detail.