Small Vehicles?

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  1. Underp4ntz
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    Hey All,

    I need some advice about printing Vehicles.
    So far i already know is that i need to use
    And seen some cool Model Train recreations and wondering
    What material i can use best. I already sended in a Omega Pendant but on White, Strong & Flexible Material because its just for testing first!

    I also seen people prints the model in separate objects. like detaching all wheels and some parts. and after all glue them together!

    I need some advice from model builders.

    Some mesh info how i work is also on my blog

    See designs below id like to print.

    These meshes are pretty complex in 3d but have to Boolean some objects later on!


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  2. B1lancer
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    Frosted Ultra Detail requires the least clean up and provides the best detailing on small models.

    Normally the seperation of parts is to help with clean up (washing, sanding, smoothing etc) or painting. So splitting a part is best if the part will get in the way during painting or cleaning, if it isn't in the way you should just leave it attached.

    I only use WSF on small models if printing in FUD is too expensive. WSF is difficult to sand and is also porous so it will often absorb any paint or glue. But it is much cheaper than other materials.

    Hope this helps!

    Kindest Regards,

  3. Underp4ntz
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    Well I was planning to keep it white like the render and maybe maybe maybe a other color but not planning to paint it high detailed. Just wanto test a 3d print of some fav models i made while back ago.

    My plan was to split all objects that has to be splitted.
    like wheels that kind of things and when its printed put it together like a DIY MODEL KIT.

    Ill try something out and post a render of the mesh
  4. Underp4ntz
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    So this is the mesh total splitted. Well its low poly but i just want to have the low poly mesh printed.