Small metal miniature - modeller needed

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by Arioso, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Arioso
    Arioso New Member
    Hello, i am in need of a modeller, who can make a single 3d-model, size of an small tabletop miniature for me. The aim is to 3D-Print it, maybe cast it later on as a small metal figure.

    i would provide a jpg-picture as a template.

    I am from germany, so sorry about my english

    Thanks in advance

  2. V1c3r0y
    V1c3r0y New Member
    Note sent.
  3. designanything3d
    designanything3d New Member
    Hi there,

    If you have the image please send to us so we can evaluate it. Let me know if you would like to move forward with this and we can chat some more with your options.