Small initial project - Good Detailed Modeller Needed?

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by J2013, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. J2013
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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in helping me out? I need a small 3D model made as part of a test project to see how this goes, if it works then there could be more work, if not then no harm done.

    To begin with I need someone who can model something from looking at a photograph? The part is fairly small and when printed will only be about 5cm x 3cm x 5cm, not sure of the exact size just yet, it doesn't need to be solid when printed (i'm guessing hollow is cheaper?) and only one side needs modelled as the other side is a complete replication of the other, so it can be copied and flipped and then attached to the first model for printing.

    I need someone who is good with detailing and who will design this in a way that will minimise the printing cost... if that makes sense?

    Interested parties please get in touch and I will send a photo of the sample item to be made?


  2. accushape3d
    accushape3d Well-Known Member
    Sorry, I am in mechanical design and not so experienced in surfacing.
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  3. Neostralie
    Neostralie New Member
    Is it an artistic or a technical project?
  4. J2013
    J2013 New Member
    I'm not sure, its basically a ships bollards with curvature and a bit of detailing, a few technical engineers who PM'd me had to decline as they said it was more surface modelling?
  5. accushape3d
    accushape3d Well-Known Member
    I would say more on the artistic side but someone tecnical with good surfacing exp would be able to.
  6. Neostralie
    Neostralie New Member
    Send me your pics so I can see what you realy want.