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  1. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    Hey everyone!

    Awhile ago I created a design for a minimalist 3d printed wallet and after some test prints and using the "Solar" model myself for the past 5 months, I'm proud to introduce the complete line of "Sliminal" minimalist wallets, available in a wide variety of designs and color/material options! Below are Eight of the 14 available designs rendered in various materials and colors!

    01_sleek.jpg 02_solar.jpg 05_deco.jpg 07_elegante.jpg
    08_nouveau.jpg 09_hive.jpg 11_goddess.jpg 13_bigDaddy.jpg
    Models, from left to right, top to bottom: Sleek, Solar, Deco, Elegante, Nouveau, Hive, Goddess & Big Daddy

    The large opening on the front end is designed for easy insertion and removal of cards while the unique locking mechanism keeps everything in place when inside. The smaller opening on the back allows you to push all cards out at once so you can sort through them.

    I've also created a number of card accessories designed to work with all models of "Sliminal" for carrying additional items, such as cash, change, house keys, guitar picks, SD cards and more! A few bills folded into thirds fits perfectly inside between cards as well.

    The case is barely larger than a credit card and ranges from 8-14mm thick depending on 6 or 8 card version and model design features, making "Sliminal" one of the thinnest solid body minimalist wallets available! Each design also has a flex spring incorporated into the back so even if you're only carrying a few cards, they stay secure.

    Here is one variation I printed for myself in blue strong and flexible polished, the "Solar" model. I've been using it for almost 6 months now and it has been awesome! I've printed a few for friends and had some other designs ordered as well.

    IMG_7560.JPG IMG_7561.JPG

    Every version has the same exact design, functionally speaking, just a different style on the surface for each one.

    I'd love to see this collection featured!
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  2. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    Here are additional images showing vector drawings of the first seven of the 14 available models:

    vector_sliminalTi.jpg vector_sliminalTiSolar.jpg vector_sliminalCarbon.jpg vector_sliminalCrafty.jpg vector_sliminalDeco.jpg vector_sliminalRevival.jpg vector_sliminalElegante.jpg
    Models, from left to right: Sleek, Solar, Carbon, Crafty, Deco, Revival & Elegante

    Which models are your favorite(s)!?
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  3. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    And vector drawings of the second seven of the fourteen available models:

    vector_sliminalNouveau.jpg vector_sliminalHive.jpg vector_sliminalPixel.jpg vector_sliminalGoddess.jpg vector_sliminalVaria.jpg vector_sliminalRivet.jpg vector_sliminalDestroyer.jpg
    Models, from left to right: Nouveau, Hive, Pixel, Goddess, Varia, Big Daddy & Destroyer

    Which models are your favorite(s)!?
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  4. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    Bumping the thread because I forgot to add photos of the actual 3d print initially.

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  5. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Well-Known Member
    this is a cool collection, thanks for sharing :)
  6. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    Thanks! I'd love some feedback on the current designs as well as suggestions for new ones!
  7. defrimisai
    defrimisai Member
    Really can not recommend the

    Cash Card (for Sliminal) in Black Natural Versatile Plastic or the
    Tray Card (for Sliminal) in White Natural Versatile Plastic
    The plastic construction was flimsy and will rip it so thin and badly designed. I won’t be using them in my wallet.

    I only wish I could get my money back on these 2 products.


    I was really happy with the Cavity Card - Regular - Solid (2018 edition) in Black Natural Versatile Plastic and Cavity Card - Double - Solid (2018 edition) in Black Natural Versatile Plastic which I also ordered and lucky I did they are solid and strong. I would recommend Cavity card over Sliminal products any day.

    Lesson learnt from Australia, so hard to take this any further for a refund.

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  8. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry that you weren't satisfied with the products - I created them to work specifically with the Sliminal minimalist wallets in my shop and tested them as such with no issues. I did not anticipate anyone attempting to use them in other wallets as they're described to work specifically with the Sliminal line. However, I have edited the description for these and a few of the other accessories which I feel may not work outside of the Sliminal minimalist wallet line to make that clear.

    Feel free to send me a message with your PayPal address and I'll personally send you the cost you paid for these accessories.

    I am happy to report, however, that every one of the wallets that I've printed for myself and others are still holding up after years of regular use. I've been carrying around the Sliminal Carbon (6 Cards) model printed in black natural versatile plastic for over two years (I carried around the Sliminal Solar (6 cards) version in blue processed versatile plastic for six months up until that point) and my girlfriend has been using the Sliminal Elegante (8 cards) in pink processed versatile plastic for well over 2 years. She keeps hers in her purse and over time, the raised details have taken on a lighter color (she said she keeps it in a side pocket with coins so they're likely the culprit).

    Mine I keep in a coat pocket or back pants pocket and even went through the washer and dryer once and looks just like the day I received it! My credit cards look like they've seen hell but the wallet itself survived and still looks and works perfectly.
  9. defrimisai
    defrimisai Member
    Hi Doc

    Thank you for getting back to me, I understand what your saying and thought I’d share my experience of the two items. I take on board that you designed them to work for your particular wallet.

    I am attaching some pictures of the two items for your inspection and as I do not own the Sliminal Wallet I would like your feedback on if this is normal for these parts.

    Firstly they were very brittle the Tray cracked and the Cash Card was extremely delicate.

    I do like your design and ingenuity of your wallet and in purchasing the parts I did make some assumptions.

    However I’d like you feedback on the images I have attached.

    I appreciate your offer of refund which is very honorouble...thank you, but lets talk further once you have seen the images of the products

    Best Regards


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  10. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    I agree that the parts are rather thin and have the potential to warp or break under certain conditions and using them in a soft wallet would certainly expose the parts to those kinds of conditions. I wanted them to be as thin as possible to allow them to take up minimal space within the Sliminal wallet (leaving as much room as possible for cards) as well as use less material so the cost would be lower than if they were solid. Due to their slim profile and mesh/slotted form, they are rather flexible but were definitely not designed to withstand excessive flexing that would occur when used in a soft wallet. I'm curious exactly how your tray card broke and what circumstances it was exposed to at the time. When used with the Sliminal hard case, they are kept in their form and protected from the types of external forces that can bend or break them as the only forces on them would be when inserting or removing them from the case, which are minimal. Admittedly, the design of the tray card is a bit better than that of the cash card since the cross mesh pattern is more structurally sound than the slots on the cash card but based on your feedback it would seem that neither is fit for use in other wallet types at all, which I always suspected, but I should have made that clearer in the listing as I've now edited them.

    I purchased both the tray card and cash card for myself but I admit that I don't use either in my Sliminal wallet as I prefer the 6-card version for its slimmer profile and would only have room for 3 cards if I used either of these accessories. If I do carry any cash, I tend to just fold the bills into thirds and place them between two cards since I have enough cards in the wallet to securely hold the cash between them. However, I did test them both for a time to gauge durability and despite their flexible nature, neither experienced any issues like you're seeing.