Skull Ring Customized by this forum

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by SGDesigns, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. SGDesigns
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    I want to make a custom skull ring based on all your input. I plan on putting a lot of detail into it. This is the base model for my next skull ring. Right now its just a blank slate, no detail, nothing customized. Anything goes. Curious to see what our shapeways forum comes up with.

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  2. SGDesigns
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    Amazed on how far Shapeways allows us to reach people. I had to take this project down and focus it on something amazing. You'll trip out when I tell you who im making this model exclusive for.


    :twisted: :twisted:

  3. bartv
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  4. SGDesigns
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    You want a tease? Here ya go.... he he he... :twisted:

    Im gonna have a lot of fun with this project.


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  5. bartv
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    argh :)