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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by bartv, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi all,

    I came across the two plugins for Google Sketchup:


    From the description:

    Solid inspector 504

    From the description:

    They both sound quite useful. Are there any seasoned Sketchup users here who could give them a try and let me know how well it works for Shapeways?


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  2. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    I couldn't use Sketchup for 3D printing without Solid Inspector...its a must-have, imo.

    Manifold works on simple models, but not very well on anything where an automated solution would really help. I have yet to find any plugin for automatically fixing errors that works well - its seems to be hard for software to figure out what faces to keep, and which to they can take a looooong time to run.

    There is one plugin called Cleanup (by the same author as Solid Inspector, so its a good one) that is very useful to clean messy models, but it doesn't do all the work for you.

  3. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    It looks like you have to become a member to download the files.
  4. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    Yes, its a free membership, and the plugins are free as well

  5. Kasss_Gnarl
    Kasss_Gnarl New Member
    I too will reccommend the Solid Inspector plug-in, without it Sketchup would be near impossible to use for Shapeways.
  6. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Thanks for your help!

  7. Twopounder
    Twopounder New Member
    Not just free, but an extremely valuable resource. There are tons of tutorials, guides, plugins and active users.
  8. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    I should clarify, donations are gladly accepted by the authors of 'free' plugins. I make a practice of donating when using a plugin on a commercial/paid project.

    For example, here's the donation page for Thomthom, the author of Solid Inspector.


    And yes, what twopounder said :)
  9. OracleofWuffing
    OracleofWuffing New Member
    I tried Manifold out on one of my Sketchup models in progress... Went outside to get some food, came back, and saw that Sketchup had crashed. :laughing: At this point, I think an automatic manifold-creator is just one of those things that just isn't there yet. It's one of those areas where planning, effort, and prevention are better than a barrel of cure.
  10. Twopounder
    Twopounder New Member
    The Solid Inspector seems to work okay, but I think it's giving false positives. It circles thin air and objects that don't appear to have any problems. I've run health checks and everything comes out fine.

    It does help a lot with the problems it does find though.
  11. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    I've never had a false positive...usually you have to zoom waay in to see the problem.

    How do you run a health check?