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    Hey shapeways community,

    I am currently creating my first model in Google Sketchup that I want to 3dprint here at shapeways. I used Meshlab to get it into .stl format and then imported it in Accutrans to check for watertight and non-manifold edges.

    It says I have non-manifold edges who have 3 or more faces, but they must be so tiny that I can not find them. I have checked for an hour but could not get it to work properly.

    Could someone please take a look and help me out here? Any input would be highly appreciated as I am new to Sketchup and modelling for Shapeways.



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    I checked your model in Netfabb. It can be repaired with the automatic repair button, don't forget to appy repair. When you come to export the repaired model, the software will find more errors, just click on repair and everything will be OK.

    Download Netfabb or use their free cloud service.