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    so this is my first shot at 3d printing. did my model in SKETCHUP 7. and when I uploaded it I got the same message as the one above ( " Your model has inverted normals in it.").

    Firstly I dont know if there is a way to check this in sketchup. Now I know its not a pretty complex model had a ver before I had posted here that was a way more complex,

    sketchup 7 > .DAE > Meshlab > .STL

    would be great if someone could help me out here. attaching along a STL file for the same.

    thanks again folks.


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    If you use the default sketchup colours, the outside of a face is white, the inside is blue. Go around the outside of your shape looking for blue, select those faces and right click > reverse faces to turn them white. When you're done with that check inside the solids for extra faces by hiding the outside faces.